Infinity Scarf


You might think that it’s silly to tell people how to make a simple scarf, but I would say that I think you are silly for spending $30+ on a simple scarf, so here we go.

1. First find some pretty fabric that you love and wash the fabric to get all of the chemicals off.  



2. wrap it around you to see how long you would like it and cut it when you think it’s long enough.

3. Then Fold it in half inside out and sew 1 straight line along the seam.


4. Next turn it back right side out.


4. Then take the raw edged and fold them into themselves and sew another straight line on both ends.edges



5. Next Set sewn seams on top of each other and finish with one more straight sewn line.


6. Now twist it around and show it off.




3 Responses to “Infinity Scarf”

  1. abbey Says:

    ooooooooo. i LOVE that fabric! can you please teach me how to use a sewing machine?!

  2. bowsandarrows Says:

    Sure, just move to Philly and I’ll give you lessons.

  3. Regoma Says:

    great idea for sure I will be doing this soon! I think a serger will be easier to sew this up !!

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